Dada von Bzdülöw
The workshop should be as undefined as the whole of the Dada von Bzdülöw: while dancing I think of theatre, while creating theatre, I think with a dancing body. Perhaps it’s not an overly broad question, but only in this way for me dance and theatre become an interesting art space, only in this vast duality can I find inspiration and fancy the definitive encounter with the viewer. 25 years of our experience resulting from this two-vector pressure seems to be some kind of infinite wealth, which should be shared. On the other hand, those 25 years of experience says that what was defined yesterday, today, must be verified. Thus, we’ll be defining and verifying…“
June 5th, 10-14h

Candlelight Dynamite
Candlelight Dynamite creates a theatrical playground. Every participant is invited to bring an object of their own choice. We will bring it to life using the typical methods of Candlelight Dynamite. The obejcts become players, they are alienated, animated, brought to sound and life – with no limits set to the imagination. Scenes with a lot of playfulness and humour will emerge.
Just start playing!
June 6th, 11-14h

Teatr Trans-Atlantyk
Photographic Reenactment as Research and Dramaturgy
Teatr Trans-Atlantyk offers a workshop on the performative reenactment of historical
photography. Participants will undertake team building and improvisation exercises and will then explore the performative potential of photography. Participants will learn methods that will give them a new way to understand historical documents through live animation and improvisation – and through this process gain important insights into the past and themselves. The director Romeo Castellucci argues for another interpretation of the word “actor” in response to his disagreement with the word “act” – a word that derives from the verb to act, or to take action. In his view, the actor’s talent lies not in taking action, but rather in a more passive ability to become a vessel that characters can be poured into from the imagination of the dramatist, or
as mystic subjects that can invite metaphysical possession. Building on this idea our workshop uses photography and improvisation techniques to attempt to animate the historical subjects of photographs so that they can be summoned through theatrical
craft and imagination to speak to us, to answer questions, to submit to interviews or
interrogation, or to look at us in silence, breathing, and present.
The workshop is open to everyone regardless of theatrical or performative experience. It is not suitable for small children. Up to fifty persons can participate. The workshop is led by artistic director Paul Bargetto and actor Grzegorz Sierzputowski.
June 7th, 12-13:30h

Patrycja Kowanska // kainkollektiv
Ceremony of memory
Through some basic movement and text exercises we will try to produce material using a memory of celebration. Theatre is filled with both, but they come together occasionally. What can happen if we look for them inside our head? One’s biography serves as the source of inspiration to many of us, even if we’re not using it directly. We consist of what we have gone through. Memories are things we carry with each other day by day, but not everyday we have the chance to explore them. They remain hidden, silent, ready to pop in unexpected, also ready to stay passive when we really need them. How can we animate our brain in order to truly use what its filled with? In this workshop we will go on an a small adventure, trying to recall a significant event from our past. What do we remember about things we celebrate? And what can we celebrate about things we remember?
Maximum number of 15 participants. Participants of all ages welcome.
An active workshop, please bring comfortable clothing.
June 8th, 11-13h

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