Workshop zum Gastspiel „CONCERTO“

Michael Pinchbeck’s workshops weave together research and practice, absence and presence, writing performance and performing writing. Stemming from theatrical re-enactment and reliving real life events, Michael invites participants to explore memories of performance. Workshops explore the ‘handwriting’ of devised work to ask how autobiography meets the autograph or personality meets the page. Participants are introduced to ‘performance hacks’ that short-circuit how narrative operates and locates a place between fact and fiction. Michael presents exercises used to devise ‘The Ravel Trilogy’ (Bolero, Concerto, Solo) to combine text and movement with repetition, collision and echo. He introduces the way music informs the dramaturgy of devised performance. Workshops take apart key motifs of the show: The conductor, the pianist and the assassin, and explore how they can be ‘ravelled’ together.

22. April, 10-13h
Anmeldung per Mail an
Workshop in englischer Sprache
Maximal 15 Teilnehmer*innen

Leitung: Michael Pinchbeck